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I had previously undergone a course of sessions from another acupuncturIST when my menopausal symptoms became unbearable and chose a practice most local to me. 

I saw no changes during or after these 4 sessions though was confident that acupuncture could be of benefit as had positive previous experience with you, I am so happy I made the effort to transfer over to your care. 

I hold your professionalism in high regard and only too happy to share my recommendation with any client wanting some independent reassurance.

The consultation you gave was thorough and by clever questioning fact explored areas of health and lifestyle that were not obviously connected and truly felt you were looking at the whole picture and not just the symptom. In addition, not that quantity necessarily reflects quality, the amount of needles and points used together with time taken, was far superior than had been my alternative experience 

After just 2 sessions the worst of my symptoms disappeared, literally just stopped. 

Menopause medication is largely a choice of 2 unnatural products which either don't work or can be harmful; myself I was offered only antidepressants as apparently a possible side effect can help relieve hot flushes (tried and unwilling to repeat ) or HRT (not willing to try).  My hope is that more forward thinking GP refer to acupuncturists like yourself and becomes more widely recognised so that greater numbers can benefit.

Sarah D, 52

Sally was like my guiding angel through my IVF journey.  She quickly pinpointed any issues with my cycle and worked methodically and efficiently to rectify these.
Her treatment also helped immensely with the side effects of treatment and later pregnancy. 
I CANNOT recommend her enough!
Those 60 mins very fortnight helped calm my fears and leave me fortified. I honestly believe the positivity and well-being I got from her acupuncture sessions led to a successful outcome. 
In IVF you often feel like you don’t have any control in what is happening; by seeing Sally you will be taking a huge positive step to your own successful outcome.  Good luck!

Diya, 39

I have been attending Sally’s acupuncture clinic for a number sessions now and I find Sally very professional and well informed.  She has taken my case to heart and at every session I can see that she has been researching in depth my condition in order that I get the most of the treatment. For all those reasons I completely trust Sally and I know I am in good hands; therefore, I do not hesitate in recommending Sally as a trusted and good Acupuncturist.

Lucy, 62

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